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News from Fox revives the dream of a Trump/Gingrich ticket.

John Sommers II/Getty

For weeks now, Donald Trump has dangled before political watchers the unbelievably delightful prospect that Newt Gingrich would be his running mate. Gingrich is Trump’s only rival for the title of the biggest blowhard in America. Between the two of them, they’ve had six marriages and an endless history of offensive remarks. The two of them running together would produce the most amazingly entertaining freakshow in American history. But in the last few days the dream of a Trump/Gingrich campaign was fading, as names like General Michael Flynn and Governor Mike Pence started to gain prominence. But now Fox News has reportedly suspended their contract with Gingrich as a contributor. One big reason they might do that is if Gingrich is running for high office. If the Fox story is any indication, happy days are here again for Democrats and for anyone who writes about politics.