Ben Jackson / Getty Images

Breitbart is already passing for scientific authority in Washington.

The House Science Committee, which oversees the government’s role in scientific research and development, retweeted a debunked article from the website claiming to have evidence against global warming.

Climate scientists like Katharine Hayhoe criticized the accuracy of the article, which cited the Daily Mail, a publication about as scientifically literate as the committee’s leader, Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, who bullies scientists, accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars from oil and gas companies, and sometimes writes for Breitbart himself.

The Breitbart article claims that global land temperature averages are decreasing. NASA, an organization the House Science Committee oversees, has previously demonstrated that this a function of weather, not climate (there’s a reason it’s not called “weather change”). Luckily for the committee, it won’t have to worry about its own programs contradicting its tweets if Trump fulfills his promises to slash funding for NASA’s climate research.

At least we can count on Bernie Sanders for a comeback.