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The GOP Conundrum, In Two Great Quotes

Gallup’s latest national poll shows Rick Santorum ahead of Mitt Romney nationally by 10 points, even as Romney has regained the edge in terms of which candidate Republicans think is most electable. Which is how you get a quote like this, which is enough to make any Beltway Republican bang his head against his granite counter-top:

“You cannot be so black and white that you turn off a lot of people,” said Patricia Schwarber, a consultant in Akron, Ohio, who nonetheless plans to support Mr. Santorum in Ohio’s primary on March 6 because she appreciates that he doesn’t “waver at all.”

But also in today’s Wall Street Journal was what surely has to be one of the greatest letters to the editor in quite some time:

Why, oh why, does the media bolster President Obama's rhetoric by using his term: “the rich”? Would it not be more appropriate to say “the successful,” or “those who work harder”?—H.B. McFadden, New Orleans.

And there you have it—the heedless and the clueless.