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Republicans Have Found the Perfect Spokesperson for Black Women

You will not believe who Republicans turned to for insight on Black women voters.

Kimberly Guilfoyle stands on stage at the Republican National Convention
Jacek Boczarski/Anadolu/Getty Images

Unverified reporting from Newsmax commentator Mark Halperin set the far-right network ablaze Thursday night with word that President Joe Biden would step aside before the weekend, but would not endorse Vice President Kamala Harris while doing so.

In a bid to understand just how this would be received, Newsmax turned to a curious person to speak on behalf of the Black community: Don Trump Jr.’s fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

“And I mean, recent polling shows, I mean, we have Kamala looking worse than Joe Biden in these swing states,” prompted Newsmax host Rob Schmidt. “If they do that, how are Black women going to respond when you try to subvert the woman on the screen?”

“Well, they’re going to be very unhappy,” Guilfoyle said, completely speculating. “I mean, Joe Biden chose her because he said she was the best person to serve as vice president of the United States.”

“But to pass over her is going to be a huge problem, probably with African-American Black voters, Black women voters, all of the above.”

It wasn’t Guilfoyle’s only flub of the convention. Speaking before the Republican National Convention on Wednesday, Guilfoyle blatantly lied about the quality of the jobs market when Donald Trump left office. She also suggested that she recently spoke to the centenarian veterans who fought in World War II about the unrecognizable nature of the U.S. while conveniently forgetting that it was fascism—not communism—that America fought in the war.

The soon-to-be Trump was also caught in an unfortunate visual gaffe just inches behind Trump’s head on Thursday night when she was caught aggressively grabbing her crotch on live television.

Watch: Trump Blows Hulk Hogan a Kiss as He Rips His Shirt Off at RNC

This was perhaps the strangest moment of the Republication National Convention.

Donald Trump claps and blows a kiss (pursed lips). Someone beside him (face not seen) raises a fist in the air, as if in victory.
Hannah Beier/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Before Donald Trump capped off the Republican National Convention with his speech accepting the party’s nomination for president, professional wrestler Hulk Hogan took the stage.

Trump seemed to really appreciate Hogan’s speech, delivered in the wrestler’s over-the-top passionate style. During the speech, the Hulkster even did his trademark T-shirt rip, discarding a black “Real Americans” muscle shirt to reveal a red Trump-Vance T-shirt underneath.

“They tried to kill the next president of the United States. Enough was enough, and I said, let Trumpamania run wild, brother. Let Trumpamania rule again. Let Trumpamania make America great again!” Hogan shouted, pointing at the crowd, who responded with chants of “USA, USA!”

Trump appreciated Hogan’s theatrics so much that he pumped his fist and blew kisses at the former wrestler.

Why Hogan was at the RNC to begin with isn’t known, although it may have had something to do with his relationship with right-wing billionaire Peter Thiel, who funded his lawsuit against Gawker Media over the leak of a sex tape. Or it might have been because of Trump’s long relationship with World Wrestling Entertainment. Either way, Hogan’s job was to hype up the RNC crowd of “Real Americans,” and he succeeded, only for Trump to deliver a speech that went on way too long.

Here’s How Long Trump’s Insanely Boring RNC Speech Lasted

Donald Trump broke his own record with a speech that dragged on so much, people started to leave.

Donald Trump gestures as he speaks at the Republican National Convention
Al Drago/Bloomberg/Getty Images

It appears that not everyone at the Republican National Convention was loving Donald Trump’s nomination acceptance speech Thursday night. What began as an intense retelling of Trump’s attempted assassination at a rally on Saturday gradually devolved into the same meandering, anti-immigration fearmongering Trump has touted throughout his campaign.

Dispatches on X, formerly Twitter, from within Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum said that Trump had a little trouble holding the crowd’s attention, as his speech stretched to one hour and 32 minutes, the longest nomination acceptance speech on record.

“People starting to leave. Loud chattering on fringes of the arena,” wrote Edward Luce, an associate editor at the Financial Times, who weighed in a little over an hour into Trump’s speech. “Trump is boring the audience.”

Around the same time, The Atlantic’s Tim Alberta wrote that even in the middle of the crowd, people were growing impatient. “I’m standing 10 feet from the stage, in a sea of diehards, and some are getting restless. Checking phones, stealing glances at the teleprompter, whispering about when it will be over,” he posted.

Wajahat Ali, a columnist for The Daily Beast, wrote that there were “a lot of concerned faces in the RNC crowd right now.”

“Definitely a different energy from an hour ago. I think some people are going, ‘Uh … what’s happening,’” he said.

While the energy in the room started high, with a wild appearance from Hulk Hogan and a weird rap performance from Kid Rock, Trump couldn’t keep the excitement alive as he worked his way through all the same beats as ever, sounding a bit more subdued than in his typical rants.

Trump Is Planning the Most Inhumane Immigration Policy in U.S. History

Donald Trump told the Republican National Convention that he will deport more people than President Dwight Eisenhower.

Donald Trump smiles while speaking at the Republican National Convention
Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Donald Trump promised a massive deportation plan Thursday night, even larger than the biggest mass deportation in U.S. history: President Dwight Eisenhower’s racist-named “Operation Wetback.”

The former president was doing his typical fearmongering, blaming immigrants for any and all of the country’s ills, when he decided to name-drop the thirty-fourth U.S. president.

“And bad things are gonna happen, and you’re gonna see it happen all the time,” said Trump. “And that’s why the Republican platform promises to launch the biggest deportation operation in the history of our country. Even larger than that of Dwight D. Eisenhower, from many years ago.”

Under that program, which was implemented “many years ago” in 1954, U.S. authorities employed military-style tactics to deport around 1.3 million Mexican immigrants, some of whom had been naturalized. The government packed people into trucks en masse, and shipped them to locations without food and water, resulting in many unnecessary deaths.

During Trump’s speech Thursday on the final night of the Republican National Convention, he continued to baselessly claim that countries around the world were sending people from their prisons and mental institutions to the United States.

The former president also claimed that illegal immigrants were responsible for taking all the American jobs … even faster than they could possibly be created, it seems?

“Today our cities are flooded with illegal aliens. Americans are being squeezed out of the labor force and their jobs are taken. By the way, you know who’s taking the jobs, the jobs that are created? One hundred and seven percent of those jobs are taken by illegal aliens,” he said, claiming they were taking the jobs from Black and Hispanic Americans, as well as unions.

Trump Pushes Unhinged New Election Conspiracy During RNC Speech

Donald Trump has yet another explanation for why he lost in 2020.

Donald Trump holds up his fist as he speaks onstage at the Republican National Convention
David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump claimed that Democrats used the Covid-19 pandemic to cheat during the last presidential election.

During his speech Thursday at the Republican National Convention, Trump made a strange claim while talking about a failed deal he’d tried to make with Iran, ahead of the 2020 election.

“Iran was gonna make a deal with us, and then we had that horrible, horrible result that we’ll never let happen again. The election result, we’re never gonna let that happen again,” he said.

“They used Covid to cheat. We’re never gonna let it happen again,” Trump insisted, a strange shift in his election denialism.

Of course, Trump has been a broken record when it comes to believing he was cheated out of the White House. Earlier in his speech, Trump remarked that the Biden administration wasn’t “fierce” except for “cheating on elections, and a couple of other things.” But suggesting that Democrats had taken advantage of the deadly Covid-19 virus is a uniquely untethered claim, though it’s not totally clear how that would be even possible.

Earlier on Thursday, Lara Trump suggested that the former president had learned to embrace mail-in voting, a tactic pushed by Democrats in the previous election for the sake of public health. At the time, Trump heavily (and falsely) criticized the tactic as being rife with fraud.

In Push to Change Biden’s Mind, Donor Writes His Withdrawal Speech

Joe Biden has been hit with calls from multiple high-ranking Democrats urging him to drop out of the presidential race.

Joe Biden looks down while standing at a podium during the NATO summit
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

A top West Coast Democratic donor has reportedly drafted and begun circulating a seven-step swan song for President Joe Biden.

The “victory speech,” which was obtained Thursday by The Daily Beast, contains seven bullet points for Biden to use, should he decide to withdraw from the presidential race.

The main points of the speech emphasize the importance of saving America and democracy, and insist that to do that, the Democrats must win. But for that to happen, Democrats need to reclaim the confidence of the American people.

The speech would maintain Biden’s position that he thinks he could still succeed in beating Trump in November, but concede that Americans desire a candidate who is younger than Biden or Trump. Biden would declare that for that reason, he has decided to leave the ticket and pass the torch to the next generation.

The speech would also have Biden pledge his support for a cease-fire in Gaza and promise to back the Democratic candidate. Notably, the speech does not have him hand over his candidacy to a specific politician, such as Vice President Kamala Harris. It also gently sidesteps the widespread criticisms of Biden’s disastrous debate performance and questions about his mental acuity.

Biden has been faced with calls from top Democrats to reconsider his candidacy in the race against Donald Trump, as well as frozen funds from several major donors who have decided to pause their six-figure contributions until Biden chooses to step down from the ticket.

While Biden has made no indication that he intends to withdraw, it’s been reported that he has grown “more receptive” to criticisms and is doing some serious “soul searching” about his candidacy.

In the past 36 hours alone, several sources have leaked that the president has had some tough conversations with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who have all urged him to reconsider his candidacy for the sake of the Democratic Party. Former President Barack Obama reportedly told his allies that he feels similarly. Meanwhile, Representatives Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin have both publicly called for Biden to take his leave from the presidential race.

The pressure is mounting against the presumptive Democratic nominee, a title that, for now, should be regularly followed with a question mark.

Jamie Raskin, Another Top Democrat, Urges Biden to Drop Out

The Maryland Democrat sent Joe Biden a letter in early July calling on him to reconsider his candidacy.

Jamie Raskin speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill
Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

Another top Democrat has called on President Joe Biden to exit the presidential race, marking the fourth instance this week that news has broken of a top lawmaker suggesting it’s the 81-year-old president’s time to bow out.

In a four-page letter sent earlier this month, Representative Jamie Raskin largely waxed poetic about Biden’s myriad accomplishments in office. But the Maryland Democrat then turned to an all-American metaphor to translate his waning competence: a tired baseball pitcher, too many innings into the game.

“There is no shame in taking a well-deserved bow to the overflowing appreciation of the crowd when your arm is tired out, and there is real danger for the team in ignoring the statistics,” Raskin wrote, likening Biden’s insistence on staying in the race to the 2003 American League Championship Series, in which Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez refused to get off the mound despite his manager’s insistence eight innings in. That decision to stay and keep throwing, despite the statistical disadvantage, cost the Red Sox the game and a spot in the World Series.

“Your situation is tricky because you are both our star pitcher and our Manager,” Raskin wrote in the letter, which was obtained Thursday by The New York Times.

“But in democracy, as you have shown us more than any prior president, you are not a Manager acting all alone; you are the co-Manager along with our great team and our great people,” he continued. “Caucus with the team, Mr. President. Hear them out. You will make the right decision.”

Behind closed doors, several other major Democrats also urged the president to hit the bench this week, including a double-whammy of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, both of whom reportedly made direct appeals to Biden to drop out for the good of the party. Elsewhere in the liberal ecosphere, news broke that former President Barack Obama had spoken with allies about Biden’s narrowing chances at winning the White House for a second term, and believed now was the time to act to protect Biden and his legacy.

Why the Hell Is Hulk Hogan Speaking at the RNC?

Hulk Hogan is considered a top speaker at the 2024 Republican National Convention.

Hulk Hogan appears to be testifying and makes a weird face
John Pendygraft/Pool/Getty Images

Let me tell you something, brother: For some reason, one of the scheduled speakers for the Republican National Convention Thursday night is retired professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Hogan doesn’t have a long history of political activism, unless you count his “run” for president as a publicity stunt two decades ago, making his appearance all the more puzzling. His peak days of being the top star in the wrestling world and starring in B and C movies are well behind him.

It’s only recently that Mr. America managed to overcome the 2015 scandal of uttering a racial slur in a leaked sex tape that resurfaced, after which he returned to making appearances in the pro wrestling world. The fallout from that tape might have gotten him into right-wing politics too.

Also in 2015, Hogan would sue Gawker Media, the company behind the publication of that video, with tech billionaire Peter Thiel, a conservative with a vendetta against Gawker for outing him in 2007, funding the lawsuit. Hogan would win the suit and be awarded $115 million, bankrupting Gawker.

Last month, Hogan appeared on Fox and Friends and said, “If you need a president or vice president, I’ll volunteer and take this country over, and I’ll rule with an iron fist.” Since Senator J.D. Vance has since been named the Republican vice presidential nominee (also with Thiel’s support), it looks like Trump wasn’t looking for Hogan’s version of an iron fist or even his signature leg drop on the ticket.

But maybe that’s what Republicans are looking for on the last night of the RNC: a celebrity has-been wrapped in the flag, with allegations of racism in his past, whose career includes an infamous heel turn to give the convention some social media attention. Doesn’t that describe Donald Trump in 2016 too? Just like the Hulkster, Trump even has ties to pro wrestling. And like any MAGA Republican, the two call themselves “real Americans” but refuse to fight for the rights of every man.

“Very Unhinged”: Kevin McCarthy Rips Matt Gaetz in Growing Feud

The saga between Kevin McCarthy and Matt Gaetz isn’t going anywhere.

Kevin McCarthy speaks to a reporter on the House floor
Jacek Boczarski/Anadolu/Getty Images

Kevin McCarthy is not wishing Matt Gaetz well.

“He looks very unhinged,” the former speaker said Thursday about Gaetz’s appearance at the Republican National Convention. “A lot of people have concerns about him.”

McCarthy wasn’t the only Republican looking to tear Gaetz down. Representative Derrick Van Orden of Wisconsin called Matt Gaetz an “AI powered inflatable sex doll” while tweeting out a photo of Gaetz speaking at the convention. 

Twitter screenshot Derrick Van Orden
🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 BREAKING 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 

RNC debuts first AI powered inflatable sex doll to speak at a national convention.

[With a photo of Matt Gaetz speaking at the RNC the night before]

Though it does certainly look like Gaetz got his face retouched, McCarthy threw out the idea that Gaetz is unwell in some way. “I’m not sure if he was on something. But I do hope that he gets the help that he needs.”

McCarthy’s concern about Gaetz’s appearance and demeanor didn’t come out of nowhere but is a sign of the escalating feud between the two.

In the CNN interview Thursday, McCarthy accused Gaetz of “wanting to leverage” McCarthy’s fight to remain House speaker in order to stop the Ethics Committee investigation into his alleged sexual misconduct and illicit drug use.

McCarthy said that after he refused, Gaetz sought revenge. “That’s what the whole motion to vacate was about.” This is a theory McCarthy has floated before

Gaetz is accused of having sex with a teenage girl while he was serving in Congress, and the House Ethics Committee announced last month that it is expanding its investigation against the Florida representative.

“I hope the young women get the justice they deserve when it comes to him,” said McCarthy.

Republicans Apparently Think Elon Musk Is a Total Flake

A new report delves into the many broken promises Elon Musk made to Republicans—and how Republicans view him now.

Elon Musk
Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

Elon Musk recently came out with a public endorsement of Donald Trump for president, but Republicans haven’t fully embraced him, according to a report from The New York Times.

The tech billionaire CEO of Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX has been highly sought after by GOP fundraisers and Trump associates for years, who see him both as a meal ticket and a potential inspiration for the party. But Musk doesn’t have a solid record for political involvement.

For example, he has promised to spend money on “free speech” lawsuits to support conservatives who claim that they are the victims of social media censorship but hasn’t followed through. Musk has also been a no-show at public appearances, such as a 2023 event to support Kevin McCarthy, then the newly elected speaker of the House. In San Francisco, he promised to donate $100,000 to the centrist group GrowSF to defeat progressives, but again didn’t follow through.

“Some conservative activists said they wished that Mr. Musk had followed through more on promises,” the Times reported.

Musk’s public endorsement of Trump only came after a gunman tried to assassinate the former president and convicted felon on Saturday. Previously, the tech magnate, while privately urging friends not to vote for Biden, was waiting until the president had secured the Democratic nomination, according to the Times.

Musk’s confidants in the tech world, such as Joe Lonsdale, a co-founder of data analytics firm Palantir, reportedly discuss politics with him and have urged him to play a more active role. Lonsdale founded AmericaPAC to help Trump return to the White House, with Musk reportedly pledging a monthly donation of $45 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. Musk denied the report, leaving those involved with the PAC to wonder how much he plans to donate, or if he will at all.

Alongside fellow tech CEOs Peter Thiel and David Sacks, Musk is a member of the “PayPal mafia,” the group of early supporters and founders of the payment service. All three have embraced conservative ideas and supported J.D. Vance as Trump’s running mate, with Musk and Sacks openly lobbying Trump on behalf of the Ohio senator. If Trump wins in November, the trio will have an administration friendly to their whims and those of Silicon Valley’s right wing.