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    If you would like to report a factual error in the print magazine or on the website, please email correction [at] tnr [dot] com with the title of the story, the URL (if applicable), a quote of the passage in question, and evidence supporting the need for a correction.

Write For Us

The New Republic welcomes freelance pitches and unsolicited submissions via email. If you are pitching an idea for an essay, reportage, or other nonfiction, briefly explain your angle, why it’s timely, and why you’re equipped to write it; generously hyperlink any references and citations in your pitch, so the editor can easily vet it. If you are sending a completed submission, briefly summarize it in your email and either embed or attach your full article. In all cases, include a brief biography and links to examples of your work.

We will not respond to a pitch that is sent to multiple editors, so we encourage you to determine where your piece best fits—within our online verticals or within the pages of our magazine—and limit your email to one editor.


  • Emily Cooke edits Critical Mass, our arts and culture vertical.
  • Heather Souvaine Horn edits Apocalypse Soon, our vertical dedicated to climate change, science, and the environment.
  • Cora Currier is our contributing editor who oversees Sold Short, our vertical on identity and inequality. (Sold Short’s guide to pitching the desk.)
  • Jason Linkins edits The Soapbox, our politics vertical.
  • Magazine

  • Emily Cooke edits feature stories.
  • Laura Marsh edits Books & the Arts.
  • Patrick Caldwell edits political analysis and opinion.
  • For poetry submissions, email Poems should not exceed the length of a page, and the entire submission should not exceed five pages.

The New Republic does not publish fiction.