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November 16–23, 2024
About TNR Travel
The New Republic’s travel program is designed in the spirit of our political, social, and cultural content. TNR’s excursions started with our iconic Cuba trip and have expanded down South with expectations to add more destinations in the coming year. Each trip is curated by experts to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience that brings the essence of the destination alive through meetings with locals—from political activists to historians to artists, musicians, chefs, and taxi drivers. Our guides are chosen for the knowledge and wisdom they bring to the trip and their ability to inspire the ever-curious, lifelong traveler and student of people, places, and things.
What Is TNR Travel?
We focus on destinations that are not only culturally fascinating but have a political history that we’ll explore and learn from.

We curate our trips for progressive thinkers and thoughtful travelers who want to be immersed in the community and cultures we visit. Expect to enjoy local food and wine, music, dance, and art during what we hope will be one of your most memorable vacations ever (until you travel with us again).

Your safety is priority number one. You will travel with responsible, vaccinated organizers and hosts, using safe transportation, and will not venture into areas deemed unsafe.

Questions? Feel free to contact TNR’s marketing director, Kym Blanchard, at

Hope to travel with you soon!
“As someone who has written and taught about the intersections of politics and culture in U.S. foreign relations for nearly 25 years, I found the quality of the programming to be truly stellar, consistently exceeding any reasonable expectation.”
“This has been the most amazing and informative trip I’ve ever taken in my life. The high level of discourse and knowledge, and the sheer amount of updated cultural and social content, plus the superb dance, music, and art—they all have made for an entire lifelong learning in itself.”
“We will long remember your excellent logistical skills, great understanding of how things work in Cuba, charming humor, relaxed attitude … and your genuine desire to change lives for the better through this tour program.”
—Alicia and Alan