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What Should Obama Do in His Second Term?

A TNR Symposium

Yes, we know we’re tempting fate. But we figure there’s a 50 percent chance Obama will get reelected, and in any case he needs an agenda to campaign on. So we’ve asked a number of TNR contributors to explain what they think Obama should focus on for the next four years—if he wins in November.

Jeff Rosen on why Obama should fight for civil liberties.

Mark Schmitt on why political reform should be priority number one.

David Greenberg on why Obama should talk like a liberal.

William Galston on why Obama needs to focus on fiscal policy.

John McWhorter on why Obama needs to end the drug war.

Jonathan Cohn on why Obama should protect his first-term achievements.

David Fontana on why Obama should pack the lower courts

Neera Tanden on why Obama should fix the tax code.

Norm Ornstein on why Obama needs to double down on bipartisanship.

Geoffrey Kabaservice on why Obama should reform entitlements.