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Day 1 at the Court: Concurring Opinions

What other folks are saying about the first day of oral arguments in the lawsuits challenging the Affordable Care Act:

- Lyle Denniston, of SCOTUS blog, provides his typically thorough and insightful analysis of what was really happening in Court today.

- The Volokh Conspiracy rounds up analysis from libertarians, some encouraged by what they heard from the court today—and some, not so much.

- Philip Klein picks up skepticism, even from liberals, that the mandate is a tax. 

- Brian Beutler wonders whether Chief Justice Roberts was dropping a hint that he may uphold the mandate.

- At Slate, Dahlia Lithwick revels in the boring discussion of arcane 18th century statutes. 

- Economist Henry Aaron, who was in the courtroom, gives a straightforward, easy-to-understand blow-by-blow—who knew economists could write so clearly?

- Sarah Kliff interviews the folks waiting in line at the court, including a pair who, despite opposite views on the case, have managed to bond over their experience.