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Did you know this blog had an RSS feed? Me neither! If you squint at this blog's Ben Shahn-esque logo (not the one on the home page, but the one on the blog itself) you will find, in the top left corner, an RSS logo that looks like an orange dreidel. Here it is magnified 1000 times (or thereabouts):

Click on that and it will take you to my RSS feed. The URL is: feed://www.tnr.com/rss/blogs/Timothy-Noah

While I'm sharing such personal info, my Twitter feed is timothynoah1.

My Facebook page is here.

My author Web page is timothynoah.com. The "Articles" section now has an RSS feed to my blog! (If you access the site from a mobile device, you have to go to a separate "Blog" section for reasons too boring to get into.) The "Book" section has snippets from many favorable reviews for my book, The Great Divergence (in stores next week!) that I'm too humble to reprint here. The "Appearances" section has information about my public appearances for the book. Which I guess is not the biggest surprise in the world.

My late wife Marjorie Williams' author page is http://www.womanatthewashingtonzoo.com/.

My Slate author page, with (incomplete but nonetheless extensive) links to 13 years of my deathless prose, is http://www.slate.com/authors.timothy_noah.html.

There used to be an online photo of me, age 9, at Camp Arcady in Hague, N.Y., during the summer of love. But it isn't there anymore.

Correction, 3/21: The orange dreidel on my blog logo isn't in the upper right corner, as I wrote originally (it's fixed now). It's in the upper left corner.