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Should Obama Run as a Populist?

A TNR symposium on Obama and Populism

No Democratic president has won in recent decades on a platform of economic populism. But with the rhetoric of the 99 percent still in the air, and a proposal for a ‘Fair Share Tax’ at the center of his current platform, it seems President Obama might be attempting to do just that. We’ve asked a number of TNR writers to discuss whether it makes sense for Obama to run as a populist. Can a Democrat win on a populist message? Should Obama try?

Geoffery Kabaservice on why Obama should play to his strengths as a progressive.

Ruy Teixeira on how the president can reconcile anger with hopefulness.

Ed Kilgore on why a populist message is the best way to beat Romney.

William Galston on why the president’s campaign shouldn't focus on inequality.

Timothy Noah on why Obama should run as a progressive instead of a populist.

Michael Kazin on why the Democratic party’s future depends on finding a moral argument.

Alec MacGillis on whether the President is taking his cues from the TNR symposium.