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Inequality Home Movies

I've been a bit erratic lately in my blogging because I've been running around a lot to publicize my new book (and will be running around a bit more next week to do the same). Evidence is below.

Here I participate in Slate's "Political Gabfest" to talk up The Great Divergence with John Dickerson and Emily Bazelon; here I yak about income inequality with Neal Conan on NPR's Talk of the Nation; and here I discuss same with Gregg Greenberg of TheStreet.com.

Here I discuss debt, inequality, Mitt Romney, Edward Conard, unions, and some other stuff on MSNBC's NOW With Alex Wagner:

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Here I discuss many of the same topics with Dan Gross and Henry Blodget on Yahoo! Finance

Here I blog heads with Glenn Loury on Bloggingheads.tv:

And here I discuss inequality at the Century Foundation with Robert Hockett, Dorian Warren, Greg Anrig, and Dan Alpert:

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