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Welcome to The Plank

Welcome to The Plank. The original TNR group blog has been on hiatus since 2009—during which time, from what we can tell, the internet decided that the term “plank” is best used in reference to lying prostrate in public. That won’t do. We’re back to reclaim planking in the name of informed and lively conversation about the world of politics. 

This blog will feature all of the voices our readers are already familiar with—though now you’ll be able to read Timothy Noah, Noam Scheiber, Alec MacGillis, and Jonathan Cohn in the same place. The Plank will also serve as a venue for the insights, reporting, and analysis of the magazine’s other writers and editors—as well as plenty of outside contributors and guests. We’ll be updating the blog regularly each day; we hope you’ll return as often.

Anchors aweigh!