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Errol Flynn, Presidential Rankings, and the Power of Architecture: Today’s TNR Reader

 Editor’s Note: Well be running the article recommendations of our friends at TNR Reader each afternoon on The Plank, just in time to print out or save for your commute home. Enjoy!

Errol Flynn was a high-flying, high-living movie star. But his recently discovered film about Cuba provides a window into his surprisingly political passions.

Financial Times | 10 min (2,410 words)

Race, gender, sex, history: Junot Díaz has a lot on his mind. 

Boston Review | 9 min (2,229 words)

As Colombia recovers from a horrific drug war, its biggest city is being rebuilt, albeit slowly. Can you fight crime with architecture

The New York Times | 10 min (2,533 words) 

Rating presidents is history at its most enjoyable. It is also an easy way to enrage people.

The National Interest | 16min (4,103 words)