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Mitt Romney, Passionate Lover

Never let it be said that Mitt Romney is not a passionate man in close touch with his feelings. If Bill Clinton was the Great Empathizer, Romney is the Great Lover. You think we mixed up some of those names and descriptions? Well, consider just a few of the things Romney has loved not wisely but too well, in the sure-footed declarative manner of a person who either feels extremely deeply, or who has recently begun studying a language and knows only a few verbs and nouns. (J'aime l'ecole! J'aime ma soeur!) Last night's debate, in which he declared his love for teachers—all of 'em—was just the latest time Mitt has gone all John-Cusack-with-the boom-box for something that rarely evokes such passion. Consider:

I love water.”
“I love you.” [To business leaders.]
I love the Second Amendment. I love the 10th Amendment.”
I love the principles of scouting!”

 And of course, Mitt loves his wife Ann, who herself loves the entire female gender. Above, more of the many, many loves of Mitt Romney.