I've neglected to furnish links in this space to several recent TRB columns for the New Republic and other pieces not found here. Before 2012 breathes its last, here they are:

TRB, 11/16/12: "Die, Filibuster, Die."
TRB, 12/7/12: "Soak The Almost-Rich."
TRB, 12/ 21/12: "Why Is Ben Bernanke The Only Person In Washington Who Cares About Unemployment?"

11/16/12: "An Obama Unilateralist Manifesto" (TNR)
12/18/12: "Government Can Reduce Inequality, But Chooses Not To" (Reuters).

Also, on 11/3/12 I appeared with Jamie Galbraith, Mark Santow, and Will Wilkinson at a Boston College  income-inequality forum hosted by Mass Humanities. Click here for the video.