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The Next Five People Michael Bloomberg Will Try To Convince To Run for Mayor

As the Times has reported, Mayor Michael Bloomberg apparently isn't entirely satisfied with supporting Speaker Christine Quinn's candidacy to succeed him. And so the mayor has repeatedly tried to get other big names—some with few or no ties to the TriState area— to seek the office, including Hillary Clinton, Mort Zuckerman, Charles Schumer, and our personal favorite, Ed Rendell. As the Times notes, "Not all the overtures appeared practical." However, the New Republic has exclusively obtained a list of five other very practical bold-faced names the mayor is said to be considering to ensure the preservation of his legacy: 

1) Georgina Bloomberg

2) Joe Scarborough

3) Michelle Obama

4) Cathy Black

5) Dmitri Medvedev

As of press time, the mayor was unreachable for comment, as he was in a meeting with Kim Jong-Un to discuss succession policy ideas.