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Make Bloomberg Smile!

The amusing photos of New York's mayor not being amused


One of the things New York will lose when Michael Bloomberg moves on from his perch as mayor is one of the world's greatest poker faces. Most politicians, obligated to make the populace like them, tend to grin and bear their ways through the cheesy photo ops and of-the-people activities. Bloomberg might bear it, but he sure doesn't grin if he doesn't feel like it. And so, in homage to "Make Me Laugh," we present a list, curated from his official Flickr feed, of smile-inducing things that Mike Bloomberg has taken took very, very seriously, one might even say mirthlessly. Making Mike Bloomberg grin is harder than you’d think.

Chorus lines don't make Bloomberg smile. 

Beer doesn't make Bloomberg smile.


Mascots don't make Bloomberg smile.

Don't take it personally, Mr. Met.

Summer sun doesn't make Bloomberg smile. 

Cute animals don't make Bloomberg smile. 

Internet abbreviations don't make Bloomberg smile. Billionaries don't take orders.

Neither Bette Midler nor her pink hat makes Bloomberg smile. 

Small children don't make Bloomberg smile. 

You think it's not easy being green? Try being mayor.


Dressing as a hippie and levitating doesn't make Bloomberg smile. 

Leggy ladies don't make Bloomberg smile.

No, seriously, stop trying to make him smile, leggy ladies!

Schoolchildren don't make Bloomberg smile. 

Darling babies don't make Bloomberg smile. What do you take him for, a politician?

Rudy Giuliani doesn't make Bloomberg smile. (Rudy Giuliani, of course, makes himself smile.)

Playing Lloyd Dobler doesn't make Bloomberg smile. That young man lacked ambition.

Slippery slides don’t make Bloomberg smile. 

Calisthenics don't make Bloomberg smile. 

Dressing up as Spider Man and barreling forward in a croctch-emphasizing harness while flashing hook-em horns doesn't make Bloomberg smile. 

Matching hipster glasses almost make Bloomberg smile.

Joe Biden makes Bloomberg smile. Bloomberg does not make Joe Biden smile.