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               And daybreak! The sun
sitting up—
               Oh God 
               I thought I saw God spread out 
               in the roses again—
I will be taken up 
like flame in a cloud like a cinder in fire 
                              to outflap the empyrean—
Dead things gumming the sidewalk. 
                  dead things. 
Tell me: What good is a life that wears away? 
I chew the red wire, 
                         then the blue wire. 
Then through the flowered wallpaper—
Oh! Look at this charming table: 
already set; built for a mouse; 
and silent as a banquet hall 
after the guests have gone.  
I was a dead thing once.  
On the back porch once—
               facing the square 
of my mother’s rose-
               garden, with the northfacing windows 
full-opened in June, and other flowers, 
               the names I’ve forgotten, all gone 
into bloom, 
               I’ve heard the train horn bawl out again 
from across the river, first sound 
               I remember, tolled 
thru the walls of an empty house, 
have watched the coyotes come loping 
over across these frost-flocked rows of the field—
‘Quick—to the window, Mother 
come see—the coyote 
he’s dragging a haunch by the bone.’ 
He’ll lay it down, lie down 
beside it, then sink 
his teeth in the flitch.  
The dream is big, the dream is fancy: 
The dream is big and fancy. 
The rodent: cuddly; but a little dirty. 
I’ll keep him as a pet, I’ll pet him like 
a luck-charm—
Remember summer, Jordan? 
Eating quinces, spitting the seeds? 
And how you never ate quinces again 
when they laughed when you called them quinces? 
And now there are no more quinces? 
I do remember quinces. 
Beautiful ones—I see you everywhere.  
Hiding inside yourselves
Sometimes time is iron. Swing it hard
hear it whoosh.  
At the door, the red curtain is still flapping.  
Who will go in? 
The one who is going 
is going. 
No, I do not die here.  
The year is wrong. 
Earth returns 
and today no cloud cover. 
I wish my heart was as big as the world, 
but bigger—  
The sun sitting up 
               ever so slowly—