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Chris Christie's TV Hits Are Not Rehabbing New Jersey's Image

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently announced he had just finished filming a cameo on Michael J. Fox’s upcoming NBC sitcom, “The Michael J. Fox Show,” which premieres in September. This should come as no surprise, as Christie has long been a ham in cheerleading for his home state. Last week, he even told the Associated Press that his various prime-time appearances have helped rehabilitate Jersey’s grimy, silicon-enhanced image, battered by years of reality programming a la “Real Housewives” and “Jersey Shore.” We’re not so sure about that. Here are the impressions of Jersey that we were left with after Christie's TV hits.


Christie appears on Weekend Update, November 2012:

Upon being asked what he’d like to say to the people of New Jersey, he thanks his wife for putting up with a husband “who has smelled like a wet fleece for the past three weeks.”


Christie on Barbara Walters’ “Most Interesting People” on ABC, December 2012:

When Walters asks him about his childhood, he cites his Sicilian mother. “What would your mother say to your critics?” she asks. “Shut up,” he says. Mrs. Christie is recruited to testify on behalf of his general angriness.


Christie on Letterman, February 2013:

Christie eats a donut mid-interview, and another donut later. When he tosses wrapper onto floor, Letterman says, “Maybe you can do that kinda thing in your state, buddy.”


Christie on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, June 2013:

Discussion meanders from Sandy relief to Christie in a speedo on the Jersey Shore, where it lingers for many minutes. “Another week and a half and you’re gonna be walking around the Jersey Shore in a speedo, man,” Joe. says. “We don’t wanna subject the people of the Jersey Shore to any more tragedy,” Christie replies. Also: “There are some things that I absolutely in my core know would be bad. Being in a speedo is one of those things.”


Christie slow-jams the news, June 2013:

Christie delivers a slow-jam full of Jersey-related innuendo, a la “That’s why this special election is hugely important.” Fallon calls him the “Love-Gov.”

Just like MTV

Christie chats with Jimmy Fallon, June 2013:

“Did you ever in your college days go Jersey shore it up? Fist-pumping?” Fallon asks. “Oh, the whole thing,” Christie says. “You know, looking for girls from Staten Island. We rented a house in Seaside Heights.”