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Fantasy Lives of Russian Office Workers

Jana Romanova/Courtesy of Anzenberger Agency

In the 1990s, a generation of Russians found themselves newly bound by one of the more dreary aspects of capitalism: office culture. In “Players,” Russian photographer Jana Romanova juxtaposes the colorful imaginative escapes of this new class of corporate worker against their 9-to-5 workplaces. “I had several friends,” Romanova told The New Republic, “who were involved in role-playing games [but] working as managers during the day time.” Romanova’s collections and books are available at the Anzenberger Agency gallery and bookshop

Georgy, souvenir in a saleshop, dressed like a medieval knight, 2009. 

Mikhail, junior researcher in a botanical lab, dressed like Robin Hood, 2009. 

Vasilisa, the librarian, dressed in a geisha costume, 2009. 

Anna, the accountant, dressed like a witch from Joanne [J.K.] Rowling's Harry Potter, 2009. 

Igor, the top manager of a big company, dressed like a medieval fencer, 2009. 

Mikhail, the sound engineer, in the similitude of Prince of the Russian Empire Alexander Menshikov, 2009. 

Anna, the saleswoman, dressed in costume of a lady from fantasy books, 2009. 

Mikhail, the advertising manager, dressed like hussar, 2009. 

Alina, the financial director, in the similitude of a gypsy, 2009. 

Vera, the director of public relations, in a dress of a lady from fantasy books, 2009. 

Anton, the top manager, in a similitude of Cardinal Richelieu, 2009.