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8 Things That Are Worth More Than the Washington Post, According to Twitter

With this afternoon’s news that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has purchased The Washington Post for $250 million, Twitter went predictably haywire. Reflections on the historical magnitude of the purchase were matched only by the desire to evaluate the (relatively) small price tag. Below, just a few of the (many) things that were bought and sold for more than one of the nation’s news flagships.

The Huffington Post:

ONE Cézanne painting:

An iPhone game featuring small birds one catapults in order to knock down structures:

Sean Parker's admittedly grand wedding, including the fines levied upon him as a result of said wedding. (This number has been disputed.): 

Impossibly hip Instagram:

The Boston Globe ... in 1993:

A-Rod's contract:

And one thing that's worth the same: