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9 Boring Buildings Turned Into Amazing Art

The earliest form of street art developed a century ago, as murals in Latin America. Today graffiti, sculpture, and performance have also been integrated into metropolitan life across the globe. In The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti, Rafael Schacter curates the street art tradition, following those who use buildings as canvass and turn cities into galleries. These artists have redrawn their environments in both bold and subtle ways.

El Mac, El Corazón de un Sueño, Havana, Cuba, 2012. Photographed by El Mac.

Escif, On/Off, Katowice, Poland, 2012. Photographed by Katowice Street Art.

Escif, Emergency Only, Atlanta, USA, 2011. Photographed by Escif. 

Escif, Chihuahua, Mexico City, Mexico, 2012. Photographed by Escif.

Remed, Duality, Poznan, Poland, 2011. Photographed by Remed. 

Remed, Winged Being on Boat, Poznan, Poland, 2011. Photographed by Remed. 

Sixe Paredes and Valentino, Lima, Peru, 2012. Photographed by Sixe Paredes.

Sixe Paredes, Futurismo primitivo, Bilbao, Spain, 2012. Photographed by Fernando Sanchoyarto Project/SC Gallery.

Chu, São Paulo, Brazil, 2011. Photographed by Chu.