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Politico Is Hypnotized by Chelsea's "Increased" Role in the Clinton Foundation

Politico has a story today on the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary Clinton's increasingly large role there. Do you know who else has an increasingly large role at the foundation? Chelsea Clinton. How do I know this? Here are six excerpts from the piece, all of them describing Chelsea's role:

1. "[The Clintons'] daughter has an increased presence."

2. "[Hillary Clinton's] arrival comes two years after a period of review and, to some extent, self-reflection at the foundation, one that coincided with daughter Chelsea’s increased role."

3. "[Hillary Clinton] joins it two years after her daughter, Chelsea, expanded her role."

4. "[Hillary Clinton] also described Chelsea Clinton’s 'expanding' role."

5. "Clinton's arrival is during a new chapter at the foundation—as Chelsea Clinton has stepped up her role..."

6. "Intense interest has surrounded three major events: the departure of [Doug] Band from the foundation and then from the president’s personal payroll, the increased presence Chelsea Clinton..."

I am sensing that Chelsea's presence at the foundation has increased.

Isaac Chotiner is a senior editor at The New Republic. Follow him @IChotiner.