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The 11 Most Unapologetic Culturally Liberal Preferences of Bill de Blasio

One of the fun things about watching a New York City election is that politicians don't feel the same pressure they do in a national race or other parts of the country to come across as regular, red-meat-eatin' Americans. (See: Bloomberg, Mike.) In this year's mayoral primary, Bill de Blasio, the most progressive of the field, has been particularly unconcerned with coming across as the stereotype of a weak liberal. He's so unapologetic in his Whole Foodsness that it almost comes across as strength. (Somewhere, John Kerry is weeping into the wind.) Below, eleven of Bill de Blasio's personal data points, ranked in order of cultural liberalness.

11. He took a position in the Park Slope co-op's proposed ban of Israeli hummus (though it was against the ban, so: a wash).

10. He went to NYU.

9. He roots for the Red Sox.

8. He drinks white wine.

7. He held a fundraiser with Susan Sarandon at a hipster ping-pong club

6. He sipped iced cappuccino. With Maureen Dowd

5. He lives in Park Slope.

4. He grew up in Cambridge.

3. If he had to live somewhere in the United States other than NYC, it would be San Francisco.

2. He fell for his then-radical-lesbian, Wellesley-grad wife while she was wearing an African dress and a nose ring

1. His all-time favorite movie is a somewhat random HBO film on race-relations

Correction: A previous version of this story misspelled Bill de Blasio's last name.