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The Most Compelling Details From My Last Two Weeks of Reading

Global warming has unleashed a moose holocaust in New Hampshire, where winter has grown too mild to kill off feasting ticks. The moose are so harassed by the pests that they scratch off their fur and stop eating. —The Washington Post

Sports broadcasting rights have become so precious they now comprise the majority of all TV programming costs. This trend has allowed espn to hit up cable subscribers for more than four times the monthly fee of its nearest competitor, TNT—which broadcasts NBA games. —The Atlantic

The concept of the kids’ menu traces its genesis to Prohibition, when establishments like the Waldorf-Astoria needed to make up revenue from lost liquor sales. The most popular item for the twelve-and-under set? Broiled lamb chop.Slate

An I.T. think tank estimates that U.S. cloud-computing vendors stand to lose as much as $35 billion over the next three years thanks to foreign consumers, spooked by NSA spying revelations, taking their business to competitors. —Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

In a recent survey, whites were less inclined to support admissions standards that rely heavily on grades and test scores if they were told that Asian Americans are admitted to the University of California system at twice the group’s share of the population. —Marginal Revolution

Thirty-three states allow prisons to shackle pregnant inmates to a bed while they deliver their children. —Christianity Today

As rich baby boomers contemplate the hereafter, they are converging on luxury crypts branded by starchitects. Tombs in a Frank Lloyd Wright–designed mausoleum in Buffalo range from $75,000 to $500,000 apiece. —The Wall Street Journal

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro recently urged police to clamp down on a modern-day scourge: street gangs that slice off women’s ponytails for resale to salons. —BBC

Noam Scheiber is a senior editor at The New Republic.

Handcuffs: Roy Hsu; Frank Lloyd Wright: Joe Munroe; Tick: Stegerphoto; Ponytail: jaap2; Laptop: Malerapaso; Nicolás Maduro: Juan Barreto/AFP/Getty Images; Dollar: Wikimedia Commons