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Christie's Dumb Trip To Dallas

Chris Christie is cruising to reelection. If you need any proof, consider where he's spending Sunday night: Dallas. In a box with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. In a game against the New York Giants, who play in northern New Jersey. 

According to a Monmouth University poll, 31 percent of New Jersey residents are Giants fans. Worse still, another 16 percent are Eagles fans, another NFC East rival of the Cowboys. A national survey from PPP found that 18 percent said the Cowboys were their least favorite team, making the Cowboys the most hated team in America. That number is almost certainly far higher in New Jersey.

Obviously, Christie's Dallas adventure won't hurt his reelection chances. The last Monmouth poll showed Christie up 20 points. On the other hand, that represented a 10 point decline from their prior survey, and the Christie folks say they want a big win. If that's a real trend and Christie's looking to arrest Democratic defections, perhaps it was a bad idea to fly a thousand miles to visit a hated football owner in the heart of the modern Republican Party.

Oh wait, I got it: The Cowboys are the most popular team among national Republicans.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that a Monmouth poll found that 17 percent of New Jersey residents are Eagles fans; it found that 16 percent are. The article also stated that 16 percent said in a PPP poll that the Cowboys were their least favorite team; 18 percent said so.