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Richard Dawkins Calls Obama an Atheist

And then Obama goes to church

Mark Renders/Getty Images Entertainment

Richard Dawkins, the controversial atheist and scientist, went on Bill Maher's show Real Time on Friday, where he said that President Obama is probably an atheist (check out minute 6:30 of the interview):

Probably NOT in response, the Obama family attended church Sunday morning. Regardless, Dawkins's comments about Obama are sure to spark an uproar, and not simply because some chunks of the country think our President is a Kenyan Marxist (and, alternately, a Muslim or atheist).

As luck would have it—well, not really luck: Dawkins has just released a memoir—I have a long interview with him in the current issue of the The New Republic. In the course of our conversation, we discussed the new Pope and his predecessor, his feelings on faith, and why Jews have won more Nobel Prizes than Muslims. (Dawkins got into trouble earlier this year for tweeting that a single Cambridge college had won more Nobel prizes in science than all the world's Muslims combined.)

The full interview goes online Tuesday.