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Fox News Warns of Invading Muslim Schoolgirls Bent on Swim Classes

Courtesy Media Matters

If you have ever tuned in to Fox News and seen Heather Nauert on the air, you have probably also registered surprise that she is able to string an entire sentence together. But not only can she talk—she can also read. Here's proof: She shows herself very able to read the bigoted garbage that Fox News's cynical executives and producers put on the Teleprompter. This particular helping of bigoted garbage concerns a YMCA in Minneapolis. Here is Nauert, explaining that in Minneesota, "Sharia law is now changing everything. A YMCA in Minneapolis-St. Paul is starting a swim group for Muslim girls but special considerations have to be made to keep with their religious beliefs."

You have to tip your hat to Nauert for explaining white paranoia in such blatantly unapologetic terms. The minority is becoming the majority! Pretty soon they'll be marrying our daughters!

However, people who only watch Fox News may be surprised to learn that Sharia Law is not taking over the quiet state of Minnesota. Rather, as the Star Tribune  explains, "the downtown St. Paul YMCA, in partnership with the St. Paul Police Department, has started a swim group for Somali-American girls. The group, which began in October, is serving as an outlet for girls ages 5 to 17 to learn the basics of swimming."

Moreover: "Funding for the group comes from two metrowide water safety grants from Hawkins Inc. and Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation. The police department helps provide transportation for the girls to the YMCA."

Either this is a lovely example of intercommunal harmony, or the entire police force has been taken over by extremist Muslims. I eagerly await Fox News's investigation.