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NY Mag Writer Is Clearly in Love With Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I enjoyed Jonathan Van Meter's interesting profile of Julia Louis-Dreyfus in New York magazine because it manages to get at all the ways in which Louis-Dreyfus is a compelling person and first-rate comic actress. Van Meter, however, seems more than merely respectful of Louis-Dreyfus's talents. Although I am no doctor, I would describe his feelings toward her as consisting of deep, deep love. Here's hoping the two can find everlasting bliss. And here are the nine most love-filled bits of the piece:

1. "Julia Louis-Dreyfus is not the Billy Joel of television comedy, but the Elton John: a national treasure, still trying to surprise us."

2. "Louis-Dreyfus, 52, is...vital and modern and daring."

3. "I had been wanting to ask Louis-­Dreyfus where one thing in particular comes from: the funny."

4. "I am still in it when I meet Louis-­Dreyfus at The Four Seasons later that night, which is one of the reasons I gush a little."

5. "When I met Louis-Dreyfus at The Four Seasons, I explained to her that we were here to look back on the great year she has had."

6. "Enough Said demonstrates what a wonderful actress Louis-Dreyfus is—as opposed to just a sitcom funny lady."

7. "I left the theater in a sad-happy daze that lasted for hours."

8. "Her giddiness about the success of Enough Said is so infectious: It feels well deserved."

9. "She has yanked herself into the television future and is now one of the funniest, best things on semi-regular rotation in the on-demand wilds of the digital frontier."