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The Four Funniest Bits from the New Roger Ailes Bio

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

•  The first time he visited his son’s school, he discovered that they only had what they called a friendship tree. “'What the hell’s a friendship tree he asked the headmaster, who replied, ‘Oh we can’t say the words Merry Christmas.' Before leaving the building, Ailes grabbed a crayon and scrawled ‘Merry Christmas’ on the wall. “You’re frickin’ five years old,” his wife, Elizabeth, reproached him. “Oh, screw ‘em,” Ailes said."

•  In 2007, [Sean] Hannity and [Alan] Colmes’s relationship continued to unravel. "‘There were times he’d freeze Alan out and be curt with him,’ said a former senior producer at Fox. ‘Sean became less close-mouthed about his feelings about Alan. They’d sit on the set right before the show and Sean would say, ‘What’s it going to be like when you’re gone?’"

•  Ailes, at a hotel, as told to Sherman: “'Damnit I’m hungry! Can’t we get some room service? We said, ‘Sure.’ Well, Roger grabs the room service menu. He was kind of agitated and said, ‘I want page three, I want page four, and I want page five and I want it now.'”

•  Ailes to his client, Senator Al D’Amato: “Jesus, nobody likes you. Your own mother wouldn’t vote for you. Do you even have a mother?"