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Watch The Best of Pete Seeger's 1960s Rainbow Quest

Rediscovering a lost treasure thanks to YouTube

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Between 1965 and 1966, Pete Seeger produced 39 unrehearsed episodes of Rainbow Quest. Filmed in black-and-white at a studio at WNJU-TV, a New York based UHF station, Rainbow Quest was the kind of show that would soon vanish from the mainstream airwaves. It featured Seeger and other musicians, many of them little-know, playing folk, bluegrass and the blues. We've collected some of our favorite clips from the show. 

Episode One: The Clancy Brothers

Episode Three: Elizabeth Cotton

Episode Six: Malvina Reynolds

Episode Eight: New Lost City Ramblers

Episode Seventeen: Roscoe Holcomb with Jean Redpath

Episode Twenty-Five: Mamou Cajun Band

Episode Thirty-Six: Mississippi John Hurt

Episode Thirty-Eight: Buffy Sainte-Marie

Episode Thirty-Nine: Johnny Cash and June Carter