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Night Time

After dinner    we went to my apartment
and sat together    with a bottle of wine
and the crossword    It has one hundred seats
he said    pressing the pencil to his lips    his knee on my knee
I could barely form a thought    that wasn’t his
but suddenly it struck me
Senate I said    a bit smug
but brilliant for a moment    before the next clue
When the puzzle was nearly solved    and only one
or two bits hung us up    we finished our glasses
and moved to the bedroom    where we
undressed ourselves    took our sides of the bed
and lay together    like two trees
branches entangled    reaching out to touch
because it is the nature of branches    to reach
Four hours later I was still awake    belly up
the shadows of leaves    moving on my chest
like hands    asking myself
what use is the body    so late in the night?