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Wayne Rooney Not Scoring for England, in GIFs

Forty-one goals in international matches, 40 of which were not scored in the World Cup

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Try as he might, Wayne Rooney, the pride of England and Manchester United, worth $18 million a year, has had a lot of trouble scoring in the World Cup. He finally broke the drought against Uruguay, but his many near-misses will haunt the striker and his teammates as a 2-1 loss has them on the brink of elimination.

Here he is, not scoring from the center...

...and the right...

...and the left...

...and point-blank range.

This was not actually a shot on goal. Still, his Worst Corner Kick in World Cup History, as the internet has dubbed this doozy from the Italy game, was an omen.

Hey, look! Wayne Rooney, scoring a World Cup goal!

Hey, look, there's Luis Suarez getting his second, on two shots. Chin up, Wayne.

sad wayne rooney