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Photos: There's a Stadium in Germany Where You Can Bring Your Couch and Watch the World Cup

A 20,000-seat living room is the best kind of living room.

REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Any other day of the year, you might head to the Alte Foersterel stadium in Berlin to see a second division soccer club, 1. FC Union Berlin, play a competitive match. This summer, however, the 94 year-old stadium has been put to a different use: the club has opened its doors to the general public for the World Cup, hosting open-air screenings on the grass. Union Berlin has also decided to make the experience a little more comfortable for its viewers than most large-scale public screenings. Attendees are not only encouraged to bring themselves, but their own couches in an effort to mimic the luxury of home.

Yes, really: You can bring your couch. 

And what happens when it rains? They’ve got you covered—well, at least the couches.

REUTERS/Thomas Peter  
REUTERS/Thomas Peter
REUTERS/Thomas Peter
REUTERS/Thomas Peter
REUTERS/Thomas Peter