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Hillary Clinton Borrows a Line From Elizabeth Warren

The likely 2016 nominee reveals who she's most worried about

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News

As Maeve Reston points out in her Los Angeles Times analysis of Hillary Clinton’s recent comings and goings, Clinton isn’t giving us a ton of clues about what she would actually do as president. On the other hand, it looks like Clinton has inadvertently given us some insight into what, or at least who, is weighing on her mind.

There's this from Clinton’s speech at the DNC on Friday:

"I want every one of our children to feel that they are inheriting the best of America ... that this country is on your side; that this country will give you the fighting chance, the fair shot you deserve [emphasis added]."

And this is the title of a recent book by the woman a lot of progressives wish would challenge Clinton in 2016:

A Fighting Chance

Now, this kind of echoing happens all the time in politics, so no need for anyone to get their nose out of joint. These tag lines are basically public domain as far as I'm concerned. Still, it's hard to believe Clinton would be repurposing Elizabeth Warren's lines if she were still an obscure Harvard law professor. 

[H/t an anonymous reader]