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My black cat staggering, dropping on her hocks
My dirty parquet, shivers of glass
        easy-pull-off dress, dried halos
        of Beaujolais, what is this stain
My get up and feed your child
My boil the marrow from the bone
My picked clean
        deep in my joints, under my eyes
My hand around a cold egg before I crack it
My clean up the cat puke stippling the good rug
My one more story before bed
        Jack brought a harp down the beanstalk
        kiss his cheek hot and soft as a bread roll
My one of these days I’ll
My blown-out sockets
        char on the burners
        desiccated cockroach in the gap beneath the baseboard
The TV’s soft static
        loose blanket threads, the nape of my neck
My horny as all get out
        legs just shaven
        cream on the backs of my knees
My tomorrow will be another
My blessings you count
        hard water spots, nascent
        mold, ex husband of many
        a harangue
My doctor and how does that make you feel
        the darkness around my body or maybe
        it’s the other way around
        bright flesh swallowing a peach pit
My what I’m trying to say is
        a hair stuck in my throat
        whisper, don’t wake him
The slow-nearing clack of her claws
        where would I bury her
        if I were to  
Slip out of all of this