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How Much Money Do You Have to Make to Be in the Top 1% in Your State?

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

The Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank in Washington, D.C., published a new report Monday that looked at the trends in inequality over the past 95 years. The authors, Estelle Sommelier and Mark Price, also broke down income statistics geographically, looking at how much money a person must make in each state to enter into the top 1 percent. In Connecticut, for instance, a person must make nearly $700,000 to be in the top 1 percent. In Arkansas, it’s just $228,000.

Here’s EPI’s full map:

Economic Policy Institute

There’s much more in the report, including income thresholds for the top 0.01 percent and average incomes (hint: they’re much, much higher than the income thresholds). Read the whole thing.