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Paid Leave This Week: Would You Bring Your Baby to the Office?

As part of our ongoing coverage of paid leave, we’re rounding up the most important news from the week. Here’s what you need to know about paid leave, working parents, and child care in the United States and abroad.

Democrats put Paul Ryan on blast. The DNC is using Ryan’s new job as House speaker as an opportunity to aggressively push paid family leave as a campaign issue. 

Bring your baby to work? Around 200 companies in the U.S. let mothers bring their babies to the office; there’s even an organization that tracks “baby-inclusive” workplaces. 

“It just wasn’t said in plain English what I would be eligible for.” California parents are lucky to live in a state that legally guarantees paid family leave—but most workers aren’t aware of what they’re entitled to. 

Paid parental leave—it’s good for you, and your kid. CNN looks at the body of research showing the many health benefits for children whose parents can take paid leave after childbirth. 

How much will children cost you? Use this calculator to see how having kids affects the salaries of women in your demographic.