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Would you pay to have a tech company break up with your boyfriend via text?

(Or girlfriend?) Well, then you might be interested in the Breakup Shop

Related: You’re probably also a bad person, but that’s no biggie. You’re hardly alone in that regard, humans being what we are.

Here’s the tagline for a link to its job application page, which I’m not sharing: “Become a heartbreaker.” Creativity!

A list of the services provided by this new “disruptive” company, from Vice’s Motherboard:

    • A breakup email for $10
    • A breakup text for $10
    • A standard breakup letter for $20
    • A custom breakup letter for $30
    • Or a breakup phone call starting $29 (you can pay more to rush the order)

Don’t use this company. Because, like the song says, breaking up is hard to do. Or at least it should be.