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Gay Talese cares nothing for your virtual reality machine.

Courtesy the Hand and Eye

Please take it away and stop bothering the renowned author with this nonsense already. Download an app? “I don’t see it. Where is it?” It’s right there, Gay. Oh wait, hold on, it isn’t working. Okay, there, we’ve fixed it. Now put this shoebox on your face. Yes, just like that. Now lean back ... and there you have it! Virtual reality!

“But this doesn’t interest me in the least!” he said, removing them from his eyes. “You know why? You know why? It’s the sort of stuff you see in a documentary, but there’s no insight into the situation, into the characters. ... It’s just a bunch of scenes.”

You’ve disappointed Gay Talese with your digital storytelling. Now go drink 15 Manhattans and come back when you have something to talk about.