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At least 150 people have been killed in the Paris attacks.

There’s a lot of conflicting reports right now, but CNN claims that “at least 153” are dead in a series of shootings and bombings that took place across the city Friday night. 

A prosecutor has also told the AP that five of the attackers are dead. The Guardian, meanwhile, is reporting that two attackers were killed in suicide attacks outside the Stade de France, while three were killed when police stormed the Bataclan Theater. (French police have told CNN that four attackers were killed in the theater and that three were wearing explosive belts.) The Guardian is also reporting that “four officials—possibly police” were killed during the siege at the theater. BFMTV is reporting that gunmen are still at large, though it’s unclear how many.

In other news, French President Francois Hollande has canceled his upcoming appearance at the G-20 summit in Turkey. Schools, museums, libraries, gyms, pools, and supermarkets will all be closed in Paris tomorrow.

On a more uplifting note, the rebuilt World Trade Center is currently lit red, white, and blue in solidarity with the French people.