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Authorities are searching for an eighth suspect in Friday's Paris terror attacks.

Christopher Furlong / Getty

A manhunt is underway for a French national who rented a Volkswagen Polo that was involved in the attack on the Bataclan Theater that left 89 dead. Police sources told BFM TV that the man was “not among the seven dead attackers or the men arrested so far in Belgium.”

Yesterday, Belgian police detained seven people in conjunction with the attacks, including six who knew Omar Ismaïl Mostefai, who has been named as one of the gunmen. According to New York magazine, “Belgium is the source of the fourth-highest number of foreign fighters in Europe. (France is #1.)” Authorities also believe a Montenegrin man arrested in Germany earlier this month may be connected to the attacks.

It’s possible that the attacks could have been much worse: Reports indicate that at least one of the attackers was blocked from entering the Stade de France after his suicide vest was discovered by security.

The death toll hasn’t changed since it was updated yesterday afternoon: It stands at 129 dead, with 352 injured, 99 critically.