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Goldman Sachs's "Love List" is not a Clickhole article, is a real thing, apparently.

A24 Films / Carloseanopry7xxO.TUMBLR.COM

According to Business Insider, the  “Teen Vogue-Goldman Sachs Love List” tracks the “20 brands that matter the most to ‘It Girls.’” This is the third year of the partnership between Teen Vogue, the teen version of Vogue magazine which did not play a major role in the economic collapse of 2008, and Goldman Sachs, the investment bank, which did. (To the best of my knowledge, there is no such thing as Teen Goldman Sachs, which is somehow both disappointing and an incredible relief.) 

BI reports that the “Love List” is marvelously, beautifully anti-scientific. The description of its methods reads like an absurdist collage about the emptiness of life in the 21st century: “to determine the degree of ‘love-ability,’ the analysts scored each brand based on familiarity, affinity, and ‘word of mouth,’ or how much respondents discussed a brand relative to others—key in the era of Instagram.”