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Mitt Romney looks like he’s actually flinching in this RNC tweet meant to show unflinching resolve in the face of terror.

RNC / Twitter

“We must wage the war to defeat the enemy, not merely to harass it,” the quote card shows him saying. But Romney’s brow is furrowed, his lips parted in a grimace, his posture pulled back as though he’s cringing at someone who’s having a coughing fit too close to him. He looks harassed himself.

Romney was never very good at emoting on stage when he was running for president in 2012, so why make him the face of Republican sure-footedness after the Paris terror attacks? 

“We back all the candidates,” an RNC spokeswoman told me, so to stay “neutral,” its Twitter account, @GOP, doesn’t tweet quote cards from current primary candidates. Before the Romney tweet, there were more than a dozen attacking Hillary Clinton, and before that, a “Pray for Paris” card, and one wishing Condoleezza Rice a happy birthday.