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I thought the America’s Test Kitchen guy lived in that house and that was his kitchen.


But I guess he just works there. Or used to. Chris Kimball, the bow-tied, lovably anal-retentive co-founder of Cook’s Illustrated, an IKEA manual for making pierogies, and host of America’s Test Kitchen, the show for people who need a 25-step recipe for boiling an egg, is out, apparently due to a contract dispute with Boston Common Press, the company that owns the publication and television show.

We are disappointed that he has chosen a new path, but we respect his choice,’’ David Nussbaum, the company’s new chief executive, said in a letter to employees Monday. “While he will remain a minority owner of the company, he will no longer play a role at ATK.” While Boston Common hasn’t said anything about its future plans for Cook’s Illustrated, which has a paid subscriber base of 900,000, it has opened a new position for a chief digital officer, who will create a “digital road map” for the company.

Please don’t worry about Kimball, by the way. His net worth is a reported $20 million.