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Anonymous has taken down thousands of ISIS Twitter accounts, for better or worse.


After declaring cyber war on ISIS after the Friday night attacks on Paris, hacktivist group Anonymous has managed to create a sophisticated system for detecting and downing ISIS members’ Twitter accounts. Initial reports place the number of suspended accounts at anywhere between 3,800 and 5,500, thanks to Anonymous’s hard work.

Of course, there’s a certain logic to just letting ISIS tweet: The terror group’s Twitter activities have been used to amass data on their membership demographics and communication patterns, and to catch the occasional moron with geotagging enabled. On the other hand, kicking ISIS off Twitter limits one of their premier arenas for recruitment and spreading propaganda, and probably annoys it to boot.

Anonymous says ISIS should sit tight for further mass cyber-attacks, and it looks like the group is planning to make good on the threat. Godspeed, dudes.