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If elected, John Kasich says he will create a government agency to promote "Judeo-Christian values" worldwide.

Win McNamee / Getty

Kasich, who once lobbied his local Blockbuster to ban Fargo, envisions this new agency as part of his plan to defeat ISIS. The agency would “beam messages around the world” concerning Judeo-Christianity, aiming for places like China, Russia, Iran, and the Middle East, according to an NBC interview with the Ohio governor. This collection of locations is especially puzzling as most people would likely identify Iran as part of the Middle East, and Russia has no shortage of Christians.

It’s furthermore hard to know what Kasich means by “Judeo-Christian” as there are some pretty important differences between the two faiths that are difficult to gloss over, such as one of them believing Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the other not so much.

But whatever, right? I’m not nitpicking. I’d be the first to apply to work for the United States Department of Sunday School, were it not totally unconstitutional to use a government agency to do missionary work. John: Hit me up.