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There are a lot more French speakers in Ben Carson's America.

Ben Carson campaign.

At least that’s how I interpret the latest foreign policy proposal floated by his campaign, which apparently involves the annexation of parts of Quebec. 

This map, shared last night with Carson’s vast audience on social media, relocates most of New England northward into French Canada. It was supposed to be a depiction of the 31 states that have promised to whine loudly when they realize they can’t actually block the relocation of Syrian refugees, but the internet was quick to pounce on the graphical mishap. The campaign quickly scrubbed the offending tweets and Facebook updates from the web, but the damage was done.

As someone who works with graphics on a daily basis, I do have quite a bit of sympathy for the poor person who forgot to group his or her layers in Adobe Illustrator before trying to move the map around. We’ve all been there before. Still, the purpose of a team is to make sure these things are discovered before anyone hits the publish button.

It remains unclear if Carson’s Canadian Incursion will warrant another index card in his daily foreign policy briefings, which are going swimmingly