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Forget Adele—Enya has a new album!

The New Age queen is back this Friday with her first album in seven years, Dark Sky Island. You might remember her soundtracking Aragorn and Arwen’s swoony kiss in The Fellowship of the Ring, or her meditative Only Time, which became something of an anthem for 9/11 news coverage. 

Adele will get all the attention, but Enya won’t mind. The Irish singer is a bit of a recluse—she lives in a castle and rarely gives interviews. But she knows Adele’s got nothing on her: Adele might already have 411 million views (and counting) on “Hello,” but Enya is one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time. From the sound of this new song, “So I Could Find My Way,” she’s sticking to the formula that made her famous.