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Do you enjoy the work of Charles Dickens but detest old crones? Never fear, Miss Havisham is hot now.

BBC Red Planet

Announced last year, the 20-part BBC series Dickensian is Dickens fan fiction writ large, in which all of the author’s characters live not only in the same world, but on the same street.

In previous incarnations, Miss Havisham, the jilted spinster from Great Expectations who knew she looked great in that wedding dress and gave zero fucks about changing it up, has been played by such disgusting crones as Gillian Anderson, Helena Bonham Carter, and Charlotte Rampling. In Dickensian, she will be played by 28-year-old Tuppence Middleton, an actress who, judging by her name, may herself be trapped in a Dickens novel.

If “young Miss Havisham revenge fan fiction” is a thing that exists, please make it known to us immediately.